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English English

Linguatic English English Dictionary

schwaClick to Search schwa
unstressed vowel sound (represented phonetically by a backwards and upside-down "e")
Schwalbe`s lineClick to Search Schwalbe`s line
anatomical line in the rear surface of cornea which delineates the outer boundry of the corneal endothelium layer
SchwannClick to Search Schwann
family name; Theodor Schwann (1810-1882), German zoologist and histologist, one of the founders of cell theory
schwannomaClick to Search schwannoma
abnormal tissue growth originating in the Schwann cells of the myelin sheath (Medicine)
schwarmereiClick to Search schwarmerei
unhealthy sentiment, excessive emotion and feeling

English German

Linguatic English German Dictionary

schwaClick to Search schwa
n. Schwa
SchwannClick to Search Schwann
n. Schwann, Nachname; Theodor Schwann (1810-1882), deutscher Zoologe und Histologe, einer der Gründer der Zelltheorie
schwannomaClick to Search schwannoma
n. Schwannoma, abnormaler Gewebewachstum in den Schwannschen Zellen der Myelinmantels (Medizin)
schwarmereiClick to Search schwarmerei
n. Schwärmerei, himmliches Gefühl, übertriebene Emotionen und Gefühle

German English

Linguatic German English Dictionary

SchwaClick to Search Schwa
Schwa (die)
n. (Hebrew) schwa, unstressed vowel sound (represented phonetically by a backwards and upside-down "e")
schwabbeligClick to Search schwabbelig
adj. wobbly, flabby, hanging limply
schwabbelnClick to Search schwabbeln
v. wobble, move from side to side
schwabbernClick to Search schwabbern
v. wobble, move from side to side, sway; vibrate
SchwabeClick to Search Schwabe
Schwabe (die)
n. Swabian, of or pertaining to Swabia (historic region of medieval Germany)
SchwabenalterClick to Search Schwabenalter
Schwabenalter (das)
n. age of forty
schwachClick to Search schwach
adv. weakly, feebly, powerlessly, faintly
adj. weak, feeble, frail, poor, faint, dull, dim, light, slight, slack
v. dull, exhaust, weaken
schwach besiedeltClick to Search schwach besiedelt
sparsely populated
schwach bevölkertClick to Search schwach bevölkert
sparsely populated
schwach machenClick to Search schwach machen
weaken, make feeble
schwach mit ZahlenClick to Search schwach mit Zahlen
poor at figures, not skilled in mathematics, not adept in arithmetic
schwach nickenClick to Search schwach nicken
slight nod, lightly bending the head, saying yes by moving the head
schwach pochierenClick to Search schwach pochieren
coddle, cook slowly in hot water that is not boiling
schwach werdenClick to Search schwach werden
weaken, be made feeble
schwächer werdend
weakening, losing strength, flagging
schwachbevölkertClick to Search schwachbevölkert
adj. sparsely populated
schwachbewegtClick to Search schwachbewegt
adj. slightly moved
schwache AugenClick to Search schwache Augen
weak eyes
schwache AusredeClick to Search schwache Ausrede
thin excuse, weak excuse, feeble pretext
schwache DeklinationClick to Search schwache Deklination
weak declension
schwache GeschäfteClick to Search schwache Geschäfte
business is dull, business activity is slow
schwache GesundheitClick to Search schwache Gesundheit
poor health, bad health
schwache HoffnungenClick to Search schwache Hoffnungen
frail hopes, hopes that are easily destroyed, weak expectations
schwache ImitationClick to Search schwache Imitation
a pale imitation, a poor copy, inferior reproduction, shoddy emulation
schwache InterpretationClick to Search schwache Interpretation
tenuous interpretation, illogical interpretation, interpretation which is hard to believe
schwache KopfschmerzenClick to Search schwache Kopfschmerzen
dull headache, mild persistent headache
schwache Meinung haben vonClick to Search schwache Meinung haben von
take a dim view of, have reservations about -, have disfavor for -
schwache VorstellungClick to Search schwache Vorstellung
weak performance, performance that is not as good as it should be, bad performance
schwacher CharakterClick to Search schwacher Charakter
weak character, instability in nature, tendency to follow others
schwacher DuftClick to Search schwacher Duft
cool scent, light or weak scent
schwacher LautClick to Search schwacher Laut
faint sound, quiet sound, weak noise
schwacher PunktClick to Search schwacher Punkt
weak point, weak spot, vulnerable point, sensitive point, point that can be easily injured, part that is weakest and most painful, characteristic that is the least successful
schwacher SprengstoffClick to Search schwacher Sprengstoff
low explosive, explosive material used to propel other explosive devices toward a target
schwacher TagClick to Search schwacher Tag
weak day, offday, bad day
schwacher TrostClick to Search schwacher Trost
cold comfort, slight consolation, little comfort, weak consolation
schwaches ArgumentClick to Search schwaches Argument
weak argument, way of reasoning which is not convincing
schwaches AugenlichtClick to Search schwaches Augenlicht
weak sight
schwaches GeschlechtClick to Search schwaches Geschlecht
gentle sex, female sex, women
schwaches GliedClick to Search schwaches Glied
weak link, frail connection
schwaches LichtClick to Search schwaches Licht
dimmed light, faint light, reduced light
SchwachheitClick to Search Schwachheit
Schwachheit (die)
n. weakness, feebleness, frailty
schwachherzigClick to Search schwachherzig
adj. weakhearted, faint-hearted
SchwachkopfClick to Search Schwachkopf
Schwachkopf (der)
n. dunderhead, dunce, moron, fool, idiot, dummy, mug, simp
schwachkopfhaftClick to Search schwachkopfhaft
adj. stupid, dumb, foolish, idiotic
schwachköpfigClick to Search schwachköpfig
adj. nitwitted, idiotic, stupid, softheaded, foolish
schwachmäßigClick to Search schwachmäßig
adj. weakly, weak, feeble
SchwachmatikusClick to Search Schwachmatikus
Schwachmatikus (der)
n. weakling, weak person (physically or emotionally)
schwachpulsigClick to Search schwachpulsig
adj. acrotic, having a weak pulse
SchwachpunktClick to Search Schwachpunkt
Schwachpunkt (der)
n. weak point, weak spot, part that is weakest and most painful, characteristic that is the least successful
schwachsichtigClick to Search schwachsichtig
adj. weak-sighted, being near-sighted, purblind, partially blind
SchwachsichtigkeitClick to Search Schwachsichtigkeit
Schwachsichtigkeit (die)
n. amblyopia, distorted vision, unclear vision, purblindness, semi-blindness
SchwachsinnClick to Search Schwachsinn
Schwachsinn (der)
n. feeblemindedness, dim-wittedness, stupidity, imbecility, mentally handicapped condition, idiocy, condition of being an idiot; nonsense, senselessness, rubbish
schwachsinnigClick to Search schwachsinnig
adv. moronically, stupidly; in a moronic manner, in a mentally handicapped manner
adj. cretinous, mentally deficient, featherbrained, imbecilic, foolish, silly, stupid
SchwachsinnigerClick to Search Schwachsinniger
Schwachsinniger (der)
n. cretin, one who is mentally retarded, idiot, fool, dunce, moron, stupid person
adj. cretinous, mentally deficient, featherbrained, imbecilic, foolish, silly, stupid
SchwachsinnigkeitClick to Search Schwachsinnigkeit
Schwachsinnigkeit (die)
n. moronism, mental deficiency, mental defect, flaw of intelligence
SchwadeClick to Search Schwade
Schwade (die)
n. mannagrass, glyceria; swath, strip of cut grain left by a scythe or mowing machine, long broad strip of land
SchwadronClick to Search Schwadron
Schwadron (die)
n. squadron, unit, battalion, squad
SchwadroneurClick to Search Schwadroneur
Schwadroneur (der)
n. swash, blusterer, noisy bullying person, boastful person, braggart
schwafelnClick to Search schwafeln
v. drivel, talk nonsense, say idiotic things, slobber, prattle, chatter, talk about trivial matters, speak foolishly
SchwagerClick to Search Schwager
Schwager (der)
n. brother in law, brother of the husband, brother of the wife, husband of the sister, husband of the sister of the wife
SchwalbeClick to Search Schwalbe
Schwalbe (die)
n. swallow, type of small swift bird
SchwalbenschwanzClick to Search Schwalbenschwanz
Schwalbenschwanz (der)
n. swallowtail, something having a forked tail
SchwallClick to Search Schwall
Schwall (der)
n. torrent, flood, effusion, outflow, blast schwellen
v. swell, swell up, become swollen
SchwammClick to Search Schwamm
Schwamm (der)
n. sponge, something which absorbs
v. swim, propel oneself through water using the arms and/or legs, float on the surface of a liquid
Schwamm benutzenClick to Search Schwamm benutzen
sponge, clean with a sponge; wipe with a sponge
Schwamm drüberClick to Search Schwamm drüber
forget it, never mind, skip it, get it out of your mind
schwamm gegen den StromClick to Search schwamm gegen den Strom
swam against the current, swam against the tide, went against the flow, went against accepted rules, behaved as a nonconformist
schwamm gegen die FlutClick to Search schwamm gegen die Flut
swam against the tide, went against the flow, went against accepted rules, behaved as a nonconformist
schwamm mit dem StromClick to Search schwamm mit dem Strom
went with the stream, went with the flow, followed the trend, went with the tide
schwammartigClick to Search schwammartig
adj. spongy, resembling a sponge
schwammartiges GummiClick to Search schwammartiges Gummi
sponge rubber, porous rubber
SchwammfischerClick to Search Schwammfischer
Schwammfischer (der)
n. sponger, ship that collects sponges
schwammigClick to Search schwammig
adj. spongy, resembling a sponge; soft and porous
SchwammigkeitClick to Search Schwammigkeit
Schwammigkeit (die)
n. flabbiness, softness
SchwanClick to Search Schwan
Schwan (der)
n. swan, type of large swimming bird
SchwanendauneClick to Search Schwanendaune
Schwanendaune (die)
n. swansdown, soft fine underfeathers of a swan
SchwanengesangClick to Search Schwanengesang
Schwanengesang (der)
n. swan song, last and most impressive composition of an artist and/or composer; song of somebody who is going to be ruined or is dying
SchwanenseeClick to Search Schwanensee
Schwanensee (der/die)
n. Swan Lake, music for a ballet composed by Tchaikovsky
schwang hin und herClick to Search schwang hin und her
swayed back and forth, swung back and forth, moved back and forth
schwanger seinClick to Search schwanger sein
be pregnant, be in the family way, gestate
schwanger werdenClick to Search schwanger werden
become pregnant, conceive a child
SchwangereClick to Search Schwangere
Schwangere (die)
n. expectant mother, pregnant woman
adj. enceinte, pregnant, carrying a child in the uterus
v. impregnate, make pregnant
SchwangerenberatungClick to Search Schwangerenberatung
Schwangerenberatung (die)
n. pregnancy consultation
SchwangerschaftClick to Search Schwangerschaft
Schwangerschaft (die)
n. cyesis, pregnancy, state of carrying a child in the uterus
SchwangerschaftsabbrecherClick to Search Schwangerschaftsabbrecher
Schwangerschaftsabbrecher (der)
n. abortionist, doctor who performs abortions, doctor who terminates pregnancies (derogatory)
SchwangerschaftsabbruchClick to Search Schwangerschaftsabbruch
Schwangerschaftsabbruch (der)
n. abortion, premature termination of a pregnancy
SchwangerschaftsablaufClick to Search Schwangerschaftsablauf
Schwangerschaftsablauf (der)
n. course of pregnancy
SchwangerschaftsfrühtestClick to Search Schwangerschaftsfrühtest
Schwangerschaftsfrühtest (der)
n. pregnancy test, test taken by a woman to find out whether or not she is pregnant
SchwangerschaftsklasseClick to Search Schwangerschaftsklasse
Schwangerschaftsklasse (die)
n. childbirth education class, prenatal class, class which teaches about the development and birth of a baby
SchwangerschaftskleidClick to Search Schwangerschaftskleid
Schwangerschaftskleid (das)
n. maternity dress, dress designed for a pregnant woman
SchwangerschaftskleidungClick to Search Schwangerschaftskleidung
Schwangerschaftskleidung (die)
n. maternity clothes, clothes for pregnant women
SchwangerschaftstestClick to Search Schwangerschaftstest
Schwangerschaftstest (der)
n. pregnancy test, test taken by a woman to find out whether or not she is pregnant
SchwangerschaftsuntersuchungClick to Search Schwangerschaftsuntersuchung
Schwangerschaftsuntersuchung (die)
n. pregnancy test, test taken by a woman to find out whether or not she is pregnant
SchwangerschaftsurlaubClick to Search Schwangerschaftsurlaub
Schwangerschaftsurlaub (der)
n. maternity leave, vacation given to a woman and her partner during the time immediately preceding and/or following the birth of the child
SchwangerschaftsvergiftungClick to Search Schwangerschaftsvergiftung
Schwangerschaftsvergiftung (die)
n. toxaemia, poisoning during pregnancy
SchwangerschaftsverhütungClick to Search Schwangerschaftsverhütung
Schwangerschaftsverhütung (die)
n. contraception, prevention of pregnancy, birth control
SchwankClick to Search Schwank
Schwank (der)
n. farce, satirical comedy
v. sway, pitch, roll, shake, vary, rock, swing, stagger, totter, fluctuate, vacillate, hesitate, waver
SchwankenClick to Search Schwanken
Schwanken (das)
n. sway, vacillation, hesitation, fluctuation
v. sway, pitch, roll, shake, vary, rock, swing, stagger, totter, fluctuate, vacillate, hesitate, waver
Schwank (der)
n. farce, satirical comedy
Schwanken der TonstärkeClick to Search Schwanken der Tonstärke
flutter, rapid change in pitch
SchwankenderClick to Search Schwankender
Schwankender (der)
n. totterer, unsteady person or thing
adj. wavering, vacillating, wavy, rolling, swaying
schwankender ProzessClick to Search schwankender Prozess
faltering process, process which is unstable
schwankender Prozeß
(new spell.=schwankender Prozess) faltering process, process which is unstable
schwankendes BenehmenClick to Search schwankendes Benehmen
erratic behavior, inconsistent or unstable conduct, unpredictable behavior, irregular conduct
SchwankungClick to Search Schwankung
Schwankung (die)
n. fluctuation, vacillation, shaking, act of swaying
Schwankung der ErdachseClick to Search Schwankung der Erdachse
nutation, movement of the Earth
SchwankungsbreiteClick to Search Schwankungsbreite
Schwankungsbreite (die)
n. range of variation
SchwankungsmessungClick to Search Schwankungsmessung
Schwankungsmessung (die)
n. oscillography, recording of fluctuations (Electronics)
SchwankungswiedergeberClick to Search Schwankungswiedergeber
Schwankungswiedergeber (der)
n. oscilloscope, instrument which displays vibrations
SchwannClick to Search Schwann
n. Schwann, family name; Theodor Schwann (1810-82), German zoologist and histologist
Schwanz habenClick to Search Schwanz haben
tailed, having a tail
schwanzbesitzendClick to Search schwanzbesitzend
adj. caudate, caudated, having a tail
SchwanzflosseClick to Search Schwanzflosse
Schwanzflosse (die)
n. tail fin, fin attached to the fish`s tail
schwanzlosClick to Search schwanzlos
adj. acaudate, ecaudate, tailless, without a tail
SchwanzlurchClick to Search Schwanzlurch
Schwanzlurch (der)
n. Caudata, order of tailed amphibians including salamanders and newts (Biology)
schwanzwedelndClick to Search schwanzwedelnd
adj. tail-wagging
SchwanzwirbelClick to Search Schwanzwirbel
Schwanzwirbel (der)
n. caudal vertebra
schwapp!Click to Search schwapp!
interj. interjection when a fluid flows over
SchwappenClick to Search Schwappen
Schwappen (das)
n. swash, boastful person, braggart
SchwapsClick to Search Schwaps
Schwaps (der)
interj. interjection when a fluid flows over
interj. interjection when a fluid flows over
v. slosh, spill or splash liquid
schwaps!Click to Search schwaps!
Schwaps (der)
interj. interjection when a fluid flows over
interj. interjection when a fluid flows over
v. slosh, spill or splash liquid
schwapsenClick to Search schwapsen
v. slosh, spill or splash liquid
SchwarmClick to Search Schwarm
Schwarm (der)
n. swarm, flock, mass, crowd; flight, group; sweetheart, lover, idol, heartthrob; pod, herd of whales, group of birds, shoal, school of fish
v. swarm, move about in one large mass; enthuse, express enthusiasm or excitement, romanticize, lionize, rhapsodize, rave
SchwarteClick to Search Schwarte
Schwarte (die)
n. rind; skin; hide, skin of an animal; slab, flat thick piece of material; (Slang) old book
v. fester, leave a scar
schwartigClick to Search schwartig
adj. rindy
schwarzClick to Search schwarz
Schwarz (das)
n. black, color black adj. black, noire (French) schwärzen
v. blacken, make black
schwarz auf weißClick to Search schwarz auf weiß
black and white, explicitly
schwarz gebranntClick to Search schwarz gebrannt
illegally distilled
schwarz gebrannte SpirituosenClick to Search schwarz gebrannte Spirituosen
strong illegally distilled alcohol, (Informal) moonshine
schwarz gebrannter AlkoholClick to Search schwarz gebrannter Alkohol
strong illegally distilled alcohol, (Informal) moonshine
schwarz in schwarz malenClick to Search schwarz in schwarz malen
be very pessimistic
Schwarz kaufenClick to Search Schwarz kaufen
without an invoice, without a receipt
Schwarz Rot GoldClick to Search Schwarz Rot Gold
black red and gold
schwarz sehendClick to Search schwarz sehend
pessimistic, seeing only the bad side, tending to expect the worst
schwarz tragenClick to Search schwarz tragen
wearing black, wearing clothes of mourning, wearing clothes which are black
schwarz und blauClick to Search schwarz und blau
schwarz wie die NachtClick to Search schwarz wie die Nacht
as black as night, as dark as midnight, as black as ink, blacker than black itself, very dark, pitch-black
schwarz wie EbenholzClick to Search schwarz wie Ebenholz
schwarz wie ein RabeClick to Search schwarz wie ein Rabe
as black as a crow, dark black in color, pitch-black
schwarz wie PechClick to Search schwarz wie Pech
dark as pitch, as black as soot, very black in color, black as coal, very dark
schwarz wie TeerClick to Search schwarz wie Teer
as black as pitch, very black in color, as black as coal, very dark colored, very dark
SchwarzafrikaClick to Search Schwarzafrika
Schwarzafrika (das)
n. black Africa, area of Africa situated south of the Sahara Desert
SchwarzafrikanerClick to Search Schwarzafrikaner
Schwarzafrikaner (der)
n. African, resident of Africa
SchwarzarbeitClick to Search Schwarzarbeit
Schwarzarbeit (die)
n. moonlighting, act of working two jobs at once; illicit work
SchwarzarbeiterClick to Search Schwarzarbeiter
Schwarzarbeiter (der)
n. moonlighter, one who works two jobs, one who works at an additional job; one working on the side
schwarzäugigClick to Search schwarzäugig
adj. black-eyed, sloe-eyed
schwarzbedecktClick to Search schwarzbedeckt
adj. blacktopped, paved with asphalt
schwarzblauClick to Search schwarzblau
adj. (new spell.=schwarz-blau) blue-black
schwarz-blauClick to Search schwarz-blau
SchwarzbrotClick to Search Schwarzbrot
Schwarzbrot (das)
n. black bread, dark rye bread, pumpernickel
SchwarzbuchClick to Search Schwarzbuch
Schwarzbuch (das)
n. black list, list of people who are censured or refused for employment
SchwarzdornClick to Search Schwarzdorn
Schwarzdorn (der)
n. blackthorn, thorny bush
schwarze BlatternClick to Search schwarze Blattern
smallpox, contagious disease characterized by skin eruptions which often leave permanent scars
schwarze DiamantenClick to Search schwarze Diamanten
black diamonds
Schwarze FlaggeClick to Search Schwarze Flagge
black flag, pirate`s flag usually bearing a white skull and crossbones; danger signal; sign of mourning
schwarze GeschäfteClick to Search schwarze Geschäfte
shady deals
schwarze GewitterwolkeClick to Search schwarze Gewitterwolke
thunderhead, large cumulonimbus cloud that often precedes a thunderstorm
schwarze KatzeClick to Search schwarze Katze
black cat, cat which has only black fur
schwarze KerneClick to Search schwarze Kerne
black seeds, sunflower seeds, edible seeds that are extracted from sun flowers
Schwarze KomödieClick to Search Schwarze Komödie
black comedy, grim or grotesque satire
schwarze KrawatteClick to Search schwarze Krawatte
black tie, formal dress, black tie worn with a tuxedo
schwarze KunstClick to Search schwarze Kunst
black art, black magic, witchcraft, sorcery
schwarze ListeClick to Search schwarze Liste
black list, list of people who are censured or refused for employment, black book
schwarze MagieClick to Search schwarze Magie
black magic, sorcery, witchcraft
Schwarze MeerClick to Search Schwarze Meer
n. pontic, of the Black Sea, pertaining to the Black Sea
Schwarze MoslemsClick to Search Schwarze Moslems
Black Moslems, member of an African American organization which follows the teachings of Islam
Schwarze PanterClick to Search Schwarze Panter
n. Black Panthers, radical African American group from the 1960`s which advocated violence to attain its goals
Schwarze PantherClick to Search Schwarze Panther
n. (new spell.=Schwarze Panter) Black Panthers, radical African American group from the 1960`s which advocated violence to attain its goals
schwarze Ränder unter den AugenClick to Search schwarze Ränder unter den Augen
black circles round the eyes, dark marks under the eyes of one who is either sleep-deprived or very sad
Schwarze RasseClick to Search Schwarze Rasse
black race, race of dark skinned people
Schwarze SchlangeClick to Search Schwarze Schlange
black snake, type of harmless snake
Schwarze WitweClick to Search Schwarze Witwe
black widow, type of poisonous spider
schwarzen Gürtel im Karate habenClick to Search schwarzen Gürtel im Karate haben
hold a black belt in karate, be a karate master, hold the highest level in karate skills
Schwarzen Panters WiderstandsbewegungClick to Search Schwarzen Panters Widerstandsbewegung
n. the Black Panthers Movement, underground ethnic movement led by Charlie Beaton which developed in the 1970s from a perception of discrimination against people of African origin
Schwarzen Panthers WiderstandsbewegungClick to Search Schwarzen Panthers Widerstandsbewegung
n. (new spell.=Schwarzen Panters Widerstandsbewegung) the Black Panthers Movement, underground ethnic movement led by Charlie Beaton which developed in the 1970s from a perception of discrimination against people of African origin
SchwarzerClick to Search Schwarzer
Schwarzer (der)
n. colored person, black person Schwärzer (der)
n. blackener, one who blackens things schwarz
adj. black, noire (French)
Schwarzer ErdteilClick to Search Schwarzer Erdteil
Dark Continent, Africa, continent south of Europe
schwarzer FleckClick to Search schwarzer Fleck
black mark, mark indicating something unfavorable in someone`s record
Schwarzer FreitagClick to Search Schwarzer Freitag
Black Friday
schwarzer GürtelClick to Search schwarzer Gürtel
black belt, highest rank in most martial arts
schwarzer HumorClick to Search schwarzer Humor
black humor, morbid humor, gallows humor
schwarzer KaffeClick to Search schwarzer Kaffe
black coffee, coffee without milk, plain coffee
schwarzer Kaffee
black coffee, coffee without milk, plain coffee
Schwarzer KaviarClick to Search Schwarzer Kaviar
black caviar, type of caviar
schwarzer KotClick to Search schwarzer Kot
melena, dark or blood-stained feces
schwarzer MarktClick to Search schwarzer Markt
black market, system for selling goods illegally
Schwarzer MontagClick to Search Schwarzer Montag
Black Monday, day after Easter
schwarzer PfefferClick to Search schwarzer Pfeffer
black pepper, pungent spice ground from the dried berry of the pepper plant
schwarzer PunktClick to Search schwarzer Punkt
black mark, mark indicating something unfavorable in someone`s record
schwarzer RahmenClick to Search schwarzer Rahmen
black frame, black border framing an announcement
schwarzer RegenClick to Search schwarzer Regen
black rain, rain which is radioactive
Schwarzer SeptemberClick to Search Schwarzer September
Black September, terrorist group affiliated with Al Fatah
schwarzer StarClick to Search schwarzer Star
amaurosis, partial blindness, blindness (Pathology)
schwarzer TagClick to Search schwarzer Tag
black day, black-letter day, unlucky day
schwarzer TeeClick to Search schwarzer Tee
black tea
schwarzer TodClick to Search schwarzer Tod
black death, bubonic plague
Schwarzes BrettClick to Search Schwarzes Brett
bulletin board, board where public notices can be posted, board for hanging announcements
schwarzes BuchClick to Search schwarzes Buch
the black book, place in which one writes all bad things, imaginary list of revenge
schwarzes FeldClick to Search schwarzes Feld
black square, dark colored square on a chess or checker board
schwarzes GeldClick to Search schwarzes Geld
black money, illegally earned and not reported money
schwarzes GoldClick to Search schwarzes Gold
black gold, oil, petroleum
schwarzes LochClick to Search schwarzes Loch
black hole, theoretical space object which has an extremely strong gravitational force
Schwarzes MeerClick to Search Schwarzes Meer
n. the Black Sea, sea that borders with Turkey Bulgaria Rumania Ukraine and Georgia, outlet to the Mediterranean Ocean
schwarzes SchafClick to Search schwarzes Schaf
black sheep, person regarded as not respectable by his family or group, bete noire
schwarzfahrenClick to Search schwarzfahren
v. travel without a ticket
schwarzfärbendClick to Search schwarzfärbend
adj. black-dying
SchwarzfußClick to Search Schwarzfuß
Schwarzfuß (der)
n. Blackfoot, Indian from the Blackfeet tribe
SchwarzfußstammClick to Search Schwarzfußstamm
Schwarzfußstamm (der)
n. Blackfoot tribe, any of several Native American tribes which belong to the Blackfoot group
schwarzgebranntClick to Search schwarzgebrannt
adj. illegally distilled
schwarzgebrannte SpirituosenClick to Search schwarzgebrannte Spirituosen
(new spell.=schwarz gebrannte Spirituosen) strong illegally distilled alcohol, moonshine
schwarzgebrannter AlkoholClick to Search schwarzgebrannter Alkohol
(new spell.=schwarz gebrannter Alkohol) strong illegally distilled alcohol, moonshine
SchwarzgeldClick to Search Schwarzgeld
Schwarzgeld (das)
n. black money, illegally earned and not reported money
schwarzgrünClick to Search schwarzgrün
adj. (new spell.=schwarz-grün) greenish-black
schwarz-grünClick to Search schwarz-grün
schwarzhaarigClick to Search schwarzhaarig
adj. black-haired
SchwarzhandelClick to Search Schwarzhandel
Schwarzhandel (der)
n. black market, system for selling goods illegally
SchwarzhändlerClick to Search Schwarzhändler
Schwarzhändler (der)
n. dealer on the black market, black marketeer
schwarzharnigClick to Search schwarzharnig
adj. melanuric, having darkly pigmented urine
schwarzhäutigClick to Search schwarzhäutig
adj. melanodermic, characterized by darkly pigmented skin; of or pertaining to a melanoderm
SchwarzhemdClick to Search Schwarzhemd
Schwarzhemd (das)
n. black shirt, member of a fascist organization which wears a black shirt as part of its uniform
SchwarzkehlchenClick to Search Schwarzkehlchen
Schwarzkehlchen (das)
n. stone chat, Saxicola torquata
SchwarzkieferClick to Search Schwarzkiefer
Schwarzkiefer (die)
n. black-pine, Pinus niger
SchwarzkunstClick to Search Schwarzkunst
Schwarzkunst (die)
n. black art, black magic, witchcraft, sorcery
SchwarzkünstlerClick to Search Schwarzkünstler
Schwarzkünstler (der)
n. necromancer, one who practices necromancy, person who communicates with the dead in order to divine the future, magician
schwarzkünstlerischClick to Search schwarzkünstlerisch
adj. necromantic, of or pertaining to necromancy, of communication with the dead
SchwarzmarktClick to Search Schwarzmarkt
Schwarzmarkt (der)
n. black market, system for selling goods illegally
SchwarzmarktwirtschaftClick to Search Schwarzmarktwirtschaft
Schwarzmarktwirtschaft (die)
n. black economy, illegal underground economy not reported for taxes
SchwarzmeerClick to Search Schwarzmeer
Schwarzmeer (das)
n. Black Sea, sea surrounded by the former Soviet Union as well as Asia Minor and the Balkans
schwarzpockenähnlichClick to Search schwarzpockenähnlich
adj. varioloid, resembling smallpox
schwarzrotClick to Search schwarzrot
adj. reddish-black
schwarz-rotClick to Search schwarz-rot
SchwarzsehenClick to Search Schwarzsehen
Schwarzsehen (das)
n. gloomy prophecy, pessimistic forecast, dismal prediction
schwarzsehendClick to Search schwarzsehend
adj. pessimistic, seeing only the bad side, tending to expect the worst
SchwarzseherClick to Search Schwarzseher
Schwarzseher (der)
n. calamity howler, pessimist, someone who always sees potential disaster, person who tends to view life negatively and expects the worst
SchwarzsehereiClick to Search Schwarzseherei
Schwarzseherei (die)
n. pessimism, act of seeing only the bad side of situations, tendency to expect the worst
schwarzseherischClick to Search schwarzseherisch
adv. pessimistically, in a pessimistic manner, in the manner of always expecting the worst, in the manner of seeing the negative side of situations
adj. pessimistic, seeing only the bad side, tending to expect the worst
SchwarzspechtClick to Search Schwarzspecht
Schwarzspecht (der)
n. black woodpecker, Dryocopus martius
SchwarzsuchtClick to Search Schwarzsucht
Schwarzsucht (die)
n. melanosis, skin disease characterized by abnormal deposits or development of dark pigment in the skin
schwarzsüchtigClick to Search schwarzsüchtig
adj. melanotic, suffering from melanosis
SchwarzteeClick to Search Schwarztee
Schwarztee (der/das)
n. black tea, type of tea
v. blacken, make black
schwarzviolettClick to Search schwarzviolett
adj. violet-black
schwarz-violettClick to Search schwarz-violett
SchwarzwaldClick to Search Schwarzwald
Schwarzwald (der)
n. the Black Forest, region in the south-western Germany which is mountainous and forested
Schwarzwälder KirschClick to Search Schwarzwälder Kirsch
kirsch, alcoholic beverage
Schwarzwälder KirschtorteClick to Search Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte
Black Forest cake, chocolate layer cake with cherries and whipped cream
Schwarzwälder KirschwasserClick to Search Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser
kirsch, alcoholic beverage
schwarzweißClick to Search schwarzweiß
adj. black and white
SchwarzweißbildschirmClick to Search Schwarzweißbildschirm
Schwarzweißbildschirm (der)
n. black and white monitor
schwarzweißer ReifenClick to Search schwarzweißer Reifen
(new spell.=schwarz-weißer Reifen) whitewall, tire with white sides
schwarz-weißer ReifenClick to Search schwarz-weißer Reifen
whitewall, tire with white sides
SchwarzweißfernsehgerätClick to Search Schwarzweißfernsehgerät
Schwarzweißfernsehgerät (das)
n. black-and-white TV, television which can only display images in shades of black and white
SchwarzweißfilmClick to Search Schwarzweißfilm
Schwarzweißfilm (der)
n. black and white film
SchwarzweißfotografieClick to Search Schwarzweißfotografie
Schwarzweißfotografie (die)
n. black-and-white photo, photograph which is produced using shades of black and white
SchwatzbaseClick to Search Schwatzbase
Schwatzbase (die)
n. chatterbox, one who talks excessively, chatterer, big mouth
SchwatzenClick to Search Schwatzen
Schwatzen (das)
n. babble, chatter, prattle, gossip
v. babble, chatter, prattle, twaddle, gossip
v. chatter, gossip, prattle, babble
schwatzhaftClick to Search schwatzhaft
adv. mouthily, chattily, garrulously, loquaciously, in a talkative manner
adj. chatty, talkative, gossipy, garrulous
SchwatzirrsinnClick to Search Schwatzirrsinn
Schwatzirrsinn (der)
n. verbomania, insane chatter
SchwatzlieseClick to Search Schwatzliese
Schwatzliese (die)
n. chatterbox, one who talks excessively, chatterer, big mouth
SchwatzmaulClick to Search Schwatzmaul
Schwatzmaul (das)
n. chatterbox, one who talks excessively, chatterer, big mouth

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WordNet 3.0 Dictionary

schwaClick to Search schwa
a neutral middle vowel; occurs in unstressed syllables
Syn: shwa
Hypernyms: vowel, vowel sound
Hyponyms: murmur vowel, murmur
SchwannClick to Search Schwann
German physiologist and histologist who in 1838 and 1839 identified the cell as the basic structure of plant and animal tissue (1810-1882)
Syn: Theodor Schwann
Instance Hypernyms: physiologist, histologist
Schwann cellClick to Search Schwann cell
any cell that covers the nerve fibers in the peripheral nervous system and forms the myelin sheath
Hypernyms: somatic cell, vegetative cell
SchwarzwaldClick to Search Schwarzwald
a hilly forest region in southwestern Germany
Syn: Black Forest
Regions: Germany, Federal Republic of Germany, Deutschland, FRG
Instance Hypernyms: forest, woodland, timberland, timber

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